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The sacred feet of the Lord are as vast as the cosmos, as pervasive as the sky. They reach even Potato Loka (lower world). His sacred crown lies beyond Bhrahmanda (cosmos). He is inaccessible, imperceptible and incomparable.

(Kannada Poem)


Embodiments of Love-Students, Teachers and Educators!


FIND IT DIFFICULT TO DELIVER A speech in Kannada language. It requires regular practice. If you do an activity regularly, you become adept in it. I get a chance to speak in Kannada very rarely, not always. N. Kasturi stayed at Prasanthi Nilayam for about 30 years and he was always with Me. He made good use of this golden opportunity for Seva Sadhana. Kasturi was a well-known creative writer in Kannada. He was popularly known as "Kannada Kasturi." He was very pure and sacred. Just by looking at his respectable personality one could make out the fragrance and sacredness of Kannada language. It is likely that I may make some mistakes here and there while speaking such an extremely fragrant language.


Pioneering Efforts of Narayana Bhat


Narayana Bhat established two schools in Kamataka - one at Alike in Dakshina Kannada district and another at Muddenahalli in Kolar district. Following Sathya Sai educational principles, he worked very hard for a long period of time to develop them into model schools (loud applause). In order to develop the schools, he had to take loan from various sources and also from a large number of his well-wishers. But he had to struggle hard to pay off the loan. He and his mother went to so many villages and towns and approached several persons for raising money. But the debts went on increasing and never showed any sign of coming down. On one occasion, Narayana Bhat approached Me and briefly explained how those outstanding debts were causing him a lot of worry. He prayed to Me, "Swami, Anyatha Sharanam Nasti, Twameva Sharanam Mama, Tasmat Karunyabhavena....(l have no other refuge except You. You are my saviour. Show mercy on me and protect me.) Swami, I beg and plead with You, please take over these two schools and put new life into them." Then I said to him, "Narayana Bhat! Health and education are essential for all. I know that. But right now, don't give them to Me. You look after them as long as you can." I encouraged him to go ahead with his service activities. I blessed him and said, "Be happy. Carry on teaching spiritual truths." Later on, Narayana Bhat worked with much

more zeal and vigour. These institutions made rapid progress. They were hailed as model schools. He was indeed a beacon light for all spiritual-seekers and service-minded persons. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi (As is the feeling, so is the result). Soon many good teachers joined him. They were all men of character, intelligence and sacrifice. They renounced everything and stood by him steadfastly. Presently, all those dedicated teachers together are running the institutions very efficiently.


Noble Ideals Set by Alike and Muddenahalli Institutions


Narayana Bhat carried on his mission and worked tirelessly day in and day out. But his time was drawing near. This body goes with time. 'Kalaya Namah, Kala Kalaya Namah, Kaladarpa Damanaya Namah, Kalatheethaya Namah, Kalaswarupaya Namah, Kalaniyamitaya Namah (salutations to time, to the one who is beyond time, to the one who has conquered time, to the one who transcends time, to the one who is the embodiment of time, and to the one who ordains time). Time is supreme. Everyone has to bow down to time. As time moved on, all of a sudden, Narayana Bhat met with a car accident in 1978. The

accident proved to be fatal and he left his mortal coil at once. The organization lost its mother. It was orphaned. Then Gangadhara Bhat, Narayana Rao, Narasimha Murthy and others came to Me and said, "Swami, that-day You made a promise that You would look after these institutions. Kindly take over these schools and protect us all." They intensely prayed and pleaded with Me.


My intention is to give proper direction to the present educational system. I always encourage any good move in this direction. Vidya has an important role in the life of man. Life without Vidya is useless. One has to learn real Vidya and share it with others to lead them on the righteous path. It is what I intend to do in the field of education. If I took Alike and Muddenahalli institutions, I had to bear the burden of those debts standing against them. It was not a meagre sum. It was ten lakh rupees of those days! But all the teachers were praying; "Swami, You are our Lord, You are our saviour. You have to save us." My heart melted at their sincere prayer. Instantaneously, I took over those institutions and cleared all their outstanding debts once and for all.


From then onwards, I used to visit Muddenahalli while travelling between Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan. I would talk to those dear children and enthuse them. Darshanam Papa Nashanam, Sparshanam Karma Vimochanam,

Sambhashanam Sankata Nashanam(sight of the Lord destroys all sins, His touch frees from Karmic consequences, conversation with Him destroys all sufferings). Thus, I gave them Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan. The teachers too felt encouraged and happy. Being free from all worries and problems, the teachers worked with relaxed mind and brought the institutions to this level. Now the institutions do not have the burden of debt. The schools have made a considerable progress attracting the attention of the world. The teachers are very good. They recognize the good qualities in each other and adopt them in their lives and thereby raise their moral-spiritual levels. They do not get into bad and demeaning company. You are judged by the company you keep. Tell me your company, I shall tell you what you are. Association plays crucial role in one's spiritual life. Teachers should always relish the company of the good and thereby work for the growth of the institution. The teachers of Alike and Muddenahalli are doing it. They are developing the inner strength of the schools. The schools have been showing excellent progress. They have now reached college stage. They have already won a lot of fame. People call them Sathya Sai Loka Seva Colleges. They will become full-fledged colleges in a few years. To reach the same standard, the remaining institutions of the Sai Organisation will have to put in a lot of effort.


The  day-scholars  in  these institutions come from distant places. Some students walk some distance and then catch a bus and reach the schools. The heads of the schools and teachers cooperate with each other and help each other to make good progress and march towards perfection. The students there have a high moral and spiritual standard. Students should totally avoid bad company. You should always associate with the good. You should always join the group of students who are good in their speech, behaviour and actions. By doing so, you will reach the height of eminence. In Treta Yuga, Lakshmana closely observed Hanuman and reported to Rama: "Swami, Hanuman is virtuous and mighty. He serves Sugriva very competently. It is Sugriva's good fortune to have the Satsanga of Hanuman. The company of Hanuman will help Sugriva and remove all his sufferings." In the same way, students should become good by associating with good company. Going to Muddenahalli is what I always like. In the past, I frequently went there and saw those children and guided the teachers with timely advice. But the times have changed. Under these changed circumstances, I cannot go there so easily as I was doing in the past. Now hundreds of vehicles follow Me. It is very difficult to provide even a minimum hospitality to so many people. Why should I put those teachers to trouble unnecessarily? That is why I have reduced the number of these visits.


Dedication   and   Devotion   of Gangadhara Bhat


Let us talk about Alike now. Alike was also handed over to Me along with Muddenahalli school. It is not near but far from here. It is not possible to personally go there quite often. That does not mean that I don't like to go there. They have been praying for My coming to Alike for so many years. Especially on one particular occasion, Gangadhara Bhat pressed Me so much that I had no option but to yield to his intense prayers. He, in fact, said, "Swami, we are getting old. Once at least You should come to our village. You are our Redeemer. You have to grant us salvation." He prostrated and intensely prayed to Me. I finally yielded to his feelings and emotions. At once I rented a helicopter and went there. You must know why I had to hurry to Alike. Gangadhara Bhat's prayer came straight from his heart.


Even now, except Gangadhara Bhat, there is no one who can shoulder that great responsibility and lead the institution towards progress. That is why I said to him, "Gangadhara Bhat, you must stay there only. You remain there as My reflection. For every action, there is a reflection, reaction and resound. You have to conduct yourself in such a way that your words should reflect My views. You must have a feeling that the places you go about are the ones Swami has already trodden. While carrying out your duty, do it with a feeling that it is in fact Swami personally doing it. You must not leave the institution." After I told him firmly, Gangadhara Bhat took up the assignment as per Swami's command and marched along by putting his heart and soul in all the duties he performed. Right now both the institutions are making good

progress. Seeing them itself gives Me great pleasure and happiness. Now they are developing at a quick pace. What you saw there yesterday, you will not see it now. Growth is rapid there. It has become possible because of the efforts of the dedicated teachers.


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