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Understand the Real Meaning of Educare


Our schools and colleges (Prasanthi Nilayam, Brindavan, Anantapur) have also shown considerable progress. As the growth is inward, it is not possible for all to recognize it. This inner growth is educare.? Educare brings out our latent sacred values. Values are not to be taught but manifested. Mere accumulation of information from various books is not educare; it is education. Educare is the blossoming of the Divine Lotus in our heart. Educare enables us to be not just receptors but vibrators and radiators of values to all the creation. Values are to be translated into action. That means, both precept and practice are equally important. How to put the principles of educare into practice? Many modern boys and girls have no knowledge about these principles. It is absolutely necessary that every student should know all about educare and its importance. The latent powers in each student have to be brought out. These powers must play their part

in all his activities as reflection, reaction and resound. Thus, the process of education has to work in such a way as to transform the students into the reflection of their latent powers. They are to be moulded properly and shaped beautifully. Our institutions bring out ideal students and present them to the world.


Sathyannasti Paro Dharma. (There is no Dharma greater than adherence to truth). "You shall not tell anything but truth. What has happened should be reported truthfully. What all you have done, you should say it exactly." This is what most people say and believe when they give the meaning of truth. But this is only one dimension of the vast interpretation of truth. Similarly, you must understand that Educare has much more deeper meaning. In fact, Sathya (truth) is educare; Dharma (righteousness) is educare. It is truth and righteousness which protected India from all dangers. Sathya and Dharma do not come from outside. All that comes from outside is not permanent. Today it comes, tomorrow it goes. But what comes out from one's heart is permanent. Educare comes from the heart and it has to go to other hearts only.


Recently, Vice Chancellors of 25 famous universities of India came to our Institute to take part in a Seminar on Value Education. They were all very eager to know about educare. They also wanted to know the workable method for introducing it into their curriculum. "Vidyannasti Parodharma." (There is no Dharma greater than Vidya). Therefore, one has to acquire real Vidya. Heart is the source of real Vidya. Mere accumulation of information is not Vidya. Vidya is eternal bliss. Real Vidya is educare. But head is the source of education. Educare starts from the source of the heart and comes out through Buddhi (intellect) whereas education is merely bookish knowledge emerging from the mind. Educare is Buddhigrahyamateendriyam (Educare transcends the senses and can be grasped only by the intellect).


Saturate all your Actions with Love


Whatever activities you do, love should be their foundation. There is no Prana (life) without love. Life without love is of no use at all. Education system should be so transformed as to develop love principle in one's heart. Sathya (truth) and Dharma (righteousness) are the reflections of Prema (love). They give you the much desired Prasanthi (supreme peace). If love springs out from your heart, it is enough. It will give you salvation. In Dwapara Yuga, Gopikas said to Krishna, "Lord! Kindly pour down the nectar of love on our barren hearts. Sow the seeds of love. May the flood of love flow from our heart. (Kannada Poem) They earnestly prayed to Krishna to fulfil their heart's yearnings. If the world is to prosper, the rain of love should pour on it. The sacred land of Bharat has been laying great emphasis on the importance of devotion and surrender since ancient times. It has set lofty ideals to mankind in all spheres of life.


Every being has love in his heart. If we do not have love, we are not human. Love is with us from our birth. We have got this body because of the merits of our previous births. The body becomes sacred only if it is saturated with love. So, you must cultivate love principle. Then your life becomes holy. You must cultivate love towards all beings regardless of what they are like or what they do. It is natural for children to show love towards their parents. But it is important that they should be so moulded that they develop love for the entire mankind. Love comprises all aspects of Vidya.


The knowledge that the students acquire in schools and colleges is only information-oriented. Mere bookish knowledge is not of great importance. Expansion of love is very important. Your thoughts have to be purified. Only pure hearts comprehend God. Intellectual reasoning does not help you to realise God. Pure thought is another name for pure life. Love is God. God has no form except love. I wish that you all install love principle in the deep recesses of your heart.


Love is your Prana (life). It is enough if you have love. Love redeems all. Love wards off all suffering, hardships, pains and agonies. Love is nectarine in form. "Srunvantu Viswe Amrutasya Putrah"

(Oh, the children of immortality! Listen). You are Amritaputra, not Anritaputra (sons of untruth). Do not weaken yourself by considering yourself as sons of untruth. Feel that you are Amritaputra. Then the tree of love will grow in your heart and give you the fruit of Atmic bliss.


Do not be attached to the body. Get rid of body attachment. You have to realise the Atmic principle. Immerse yourself in the ocean of Atmic consciousness. As long as you have body attachment, you will not understand the Atmic principle. You have to do self-inquiry "Who am I? From where have I come? Whither am I going? How long will I be here?" The entire spiritual inquiry begins with these questions. When you feel that you are the Atma, you start contemplating on the Atmic principle. "What is Atma, what is Atma?", you think seriously about it. By making such an inquiry, you will understand the Atmic principle.


All objects have both name and form. But the Atma has no name or form. If you understand the Atmic principle, you will understand the Paramatma principle. That is Parama Thripti (supreme satisfaction), Parama Asha (supreme hope), Parama Gamya (supreme goal), Parama Sathya (supreme truth). In order to realise Amruttwa (immortality), you have to become the embodiment of love. You have to radiate love. You have to treat everyone as your brother and sister.


Whether others talk to you or not, you have to consider them as your own brother. If you are able to put it into practice in all walks of life, love will grow in your heart. You may have some enemies. You think that they hate you. Don't consider them as your enemies. Don't hate them. Instead whenever you happen to meet them talk to them lovingly and ask, "How are you, brother?" Then their feeling of enmity will suffer defeat in an instant. Their extreme dislike towards you will vanish and love will spring forth from their heart. Naturally, you will become friends. When love occupies your heart, jealousy, hatred, etc., cannot enter it. You will get absolute peace. People say, "We want peace, we want peace." Peace does not fall from heaven. It has to come from love. Love is the royal path to realise God.


What is the purpose of your birth as a human being? It is not just eating, loitering and merry-making. You must understand that you are born to realise the love phnciple. If love blossoms in your heart, you yourself will become Paramatma (God). You need not look for God here and there. He is in you. He is in the form of love. There is no escape from dualism as long as man does not recognize his inherent divinity. You should expand your love. Live in love.


Selfless Service is Real Penance


At this juncture, I would like to say something more about Gangadhara 

Bhat. He was Narayana Bhat's trusted follower and a dependable person. He was verily his right hand. Once Narayana Bhat said to him, "Gangadhara Bhat! Serve sincerely for the well-being of the institution. Whenever you run into difficulty, pray to Bhagavan Sathya Sai. Then He will personally take care of you all." From that day onwards till today Gangadhara Bhat has fully depended on Swami. He has unshakeable faith in Swami. Swami is his Paramatma. He firmly believes that Sai Paramatma will lead him. He has such a feeling of surrender. He performs his duties with devotion and dedication. He is working sincerely for the progress of both Alike and Muddenahalli institutions. In fact, they have flourished under his honest leadership. I went to Alike two years ago (in 2002). I was wonderstruck on seeing the total transformation of Alike. When I went to Alike for the first time in 1979, there were only a few small buildings. Now Alike has become a town. That itself is not greatness. Its greatness lies in its inner strength. Mere buildings will not suffice. People construct expensive houses and tall buildings in towns and cities. They consider their houses as everything. They don't have purity of heart. Their hearts brim with evil thoughts and evil schemes. Such men do not understand the love principle. Purity in thought, word and -    deed are a basic requisite for man.


Thus, Gangadhara Bhat has been running the organization braving all hardships and unpleasant situations. Once he said to Me, "Swami, it is not possible for me to manage all the affairs effectively. I am getting old. It requires both physical and -  mental strength. Swami, I request You earnestly to appoint any good person who will manage everything very well." As a matter of fact, all are good in My view. No one is bad. People think that they are bad. That is all. It is their feeling only. Badness exists in our thoughts. As love is in everyone, all are good. I said to Gangadhara Bhat: "Don't leave your post. You remain in the same position. Do not worry. I will always help you and lead you. I will look after everything."


My words gave him courage and confidence. He has been continuing his work with enthusiasm. Where can he go if he relinquishes the post? He will have to go somewhere else and do Thapas (penance). What is penance? Simply spending time, doing nothing is not penance. Simply sitting at a place and reciting "Rama, Rama, Krishna, Krishna" is also not penance. Real penance lies in doing good work constantly, having good thoughts always and developing good qualities in oneself. Leaving one's home, going to forest, doing Shirshasana (standing on one's head) and publicizing, "I am doing penance", is not at all penance. It is indeed false penance. Foster love in your heart; talk lovingly; do all work with love. Be in love. This is real penance. The teachers of Alike and Muddenahalli are doing real penance (loud prolonged applause). This is how these schools produce students with purity of heart. I am happy to see all these students who have come here for the function. Today small children came to the dais and spoke beautifully. They gave a beautiful description of the Atma. Especially one high school boy spoke with heart full of love. What a sincere feelings he has! I am really delighted. That is real Vidya. I often tell the authorities of our Institute to give topmost priority to the boys of Alike and Muddenahalli while making selection for our colleges. Sometimes, these students may lag behind a little in Jagath Sathya (worldly knowledge). But they know Atma Sathya (Atmic knowledge) very well. I am always telling everyone here not to leave them. Here, a little boy spoke with feeling of love. He expressed his love for Me in beautiful words. I am very much pleased. It is what I want. I do not want that you come forward to offer the whole world to Me. I want your love. Give me your love. This is enough for Me. The seed of love should sprout in the field of your heart. Later on, it will grow into a Kalpavriksha (wish-fulfilling tree). Then the world will flourish.




You have to follow the instructions of your parents. Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava (Revere your mother and father as God). You have come from your parents. Mother is the maker of your fortune. She is responsible for your progress. Don't act against her wishes. Don't oppose her words. Treat your mother with love. Then you will get your mother's grace. Mother is Lokamatha (mother of the universe), Jaganmatha (mother of the world). Don't think that she is related to your body only. She is the Jaganmatha who has come in the form of your mother. Gangadhara Bhat served his mother tenderly and lovingly. As a result of his sincere service to his mother, he got Swami. That is why Swami has kept him so near and dear. (loud applause)

Our Narasimha Murthy (now Warden, Brindavan) came to Prasanthi Nilayam and took charge as Warden. One day, he came to Me and said, "Swami, my mother is serious. She has cancer." I asked him, "Foolish boy! You are telling me, mother is serious. Which mother? That is your body's mother. Body's mother is not permanent. You take hold of the permanent mother, eternal mother." After some days, he came to Me again and said, "Swami, mother passed away." I comforted Narasimha Murthy and said, "Narasimha Murthy, stay here itself. Don't leave Puttaparthi. This is your birthplace. Swami is your mother. I will look after everything." Narasimha Murthy's mother was a noble soul. She whould often say, "Narasimha Murthy, even in adverse situations, don't go away from Swami. Stay with Him always." (loud applause). All mothers are suffused with love principle. They pray to so many gods and goddesses for the well-being and progress of their children. Try to understand your mother's selfless love. All should look after their mothers lovingly.


- From Bhagavan's Divine Discourse in Kannada on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Institutions (Alike and Muddenahalli) in Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam on 27th January 2004.

The study of the Vedas is the highest type of learning since it leads to the conquest of death. All other studies deal with the means of living or the surroundings within which you have to live; they deal with earning and spending, deriving a little pleasure by this trick, escaping a little grief by that other trick. The Vedas show the path to the realm of eternal bliss, where there is no birth or death,

- Baba

Sourced from Sanathana Sarathi - April Issue 2003 - Pgs 114 to 124


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