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The four purusharthas i.e., Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are listed in this order with a purpose. Dharma (righteousness) has to direct and control the process of earning wealth (Arth) and moksha (liberation) is to be the regulating factor of desire (kama). All wealth accruing from sources minted by adharma (vice) is to be treated as unworthy to man. All desires that do not sub serve the one supreme need for liberation are to be given up as beneath the dignity of man. The Adhyathmic (spiritual) basis of dharma and moksha has to be the root of both artha and kama without which earning degenerates into plundering and desire degenerates into death.


Worldly wealth which is accumulated by various means help you only in worldly distress. When this pile grows into attractive quantity, it brings you fear and anxiety by attracting children, relatives, thieves and crooks. But, There is another Bank which is receives deposits and maintains accounts strictly and confidentially. Every little sum is entered and accounted for your deeds, thoughts and words. The worldly bank takes care of your asthi (wealth & properties) but the  spiritual bank watches whether you are an asthika i.e., a person who acts on the assumption that there is a sovereign guiding principle that whispers warnings from the heart when dharma and sathya are infringed, when artha and kama enslave man unchecked. No son can sue, no tax-gatherer can lay his hands, no crook can transfer to his purse. So, Open a deposit account in the Spiritual bank for your prosperity here and hereafter where your deposit grows by your spiritual efforts and gives you joy and peace.


"Sathyam Vadhathat, Dharmam Chara" is the method of saving in the spiritual bank where Sathya, Dharma and Prema are accepted as the currency. All acts, words and feelings ringing with the purity of these metals will be accepted as deposits. The spiritual bank allows you to draw from the deposits that was accumulated from the meritorious activities of previous births. Each one must have the account to operate in his own name. One brother cannot draw on the account of another brother; the wife cannot draw on the account of the husband. So, One should take care to have an account in the Spiritual bank along with an account in the worldly bank.


Like worldly bank, the spiritual bank also will grant you overdrafts so that you tide over temporary crises. It can be used in the form of Daiva-anugraha (Lord's grace) that will confer on you when you have earned it by Sath Karma(good deeds), Sath Chinthana(good thoughts), Sath Bhava(good feelings), Sath Sanga(good company) and Namasmarana(Constant contemplation of God's name and glory).


Worldly banks have safe deposit vaults where customers can keep their valuables, jewels, legal documents so that they can be free from worry and sleep in peace. Similarly, Spiritual bank also provides safe deposit vault where you can surrender your jewels of intelligence, cleverness, capacity to serve and the most valuable gem that you think i.e., EGO to the care of God so that you can be free from worry and sleep in peace. God invites, "Maam Ekam sharanam vraja - Surrender to me alone" and he assures, "Maa Suchah - You need not grieve at all".


The worldly money can be earned by anyone even black marketers, dacoits, crooks and piraes can amass money but the spiritual wealth comes only to those who struggle to be virtuous, detached, humble and holy. One may earn money by his efforts but it must be spent in righteous ways. Spiritual wealth alone is the true wealth which is not dependent on anyone's favour. This wealth can be destroyed neither by fire nor by thieves. It will protect you like your life-breath and leads you on the right path. Offer all The punyam you do, the purity you achieve, the love you manifest at the lotus feet of the Lord which are accepted as your deposits. So, One has to strive to aquire spiritual wealth.




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