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Once a merchant posted letters to his four wives asking them what they wanted him to bring from Bombay when he returned. The first wife (symbolic of thamas or dullness) wrote for some effective drugs which would ameliorate her physical illnesses. The second wife (symbolic of Rajas) wanted him to bring fashion saris as well as choli pieces and all jewels of latest design. The third wife (symbolic of satwik) wrote that he should bring her some good books like Dhyaaneshwari and Sai Sathcharitha etc,. The fourth wife (the jnani who had gone beyond the three gunas) wrote "I require nothing, I want only you." Ofcourse, everyone of them got what they had asked for but the fourth one became the happiest of all. So, have no desire and empty your mind of all cravings.  Become hollow and straight like a flute so that Lord Krishna will breathe sweet melody through you to still the agitation of the world.  

This mist or maya is the confusing conglomeration of three qualities that disturb the primal equanimity of the Universe - The Sathwik(unaffected or detached), The Rajasik(active or passionate) and the Thamasik (dull or slothful). The curtain maya made of these strands has to be removed by path of Devotion(Bhakthi  marga) or by path of righteous action(Karma marga) or by path of spiritual knowledge(Jnana marga). In Bhakthi Marga, the curtain is raised due to compassion gained from the supreme and in Karma marga, the curtain is rended into pieces by means of activity whereas  in Jnana marga, the curtain is brushed aside as a mere  figment of the imagination.  

The mind is the inner instrument of maya to defraud and confuse you. The maya keeps the mind always intent on external objects. It also resists the inward journey of the intellect and the process of self-examination and self-discipline. One can see and experience the omnipresence evidence of Lord's grace when a skillful surgeon (spiritual master) removes the defect caused by the amalgam of the three gunas (qualities) which hides the truth. The peace or distraction, calm or anxiety that one gets is the product of one's thoughts and deeds to oneself and towards others. So, One has to remove the cataract (mist of ignorance i.e., maya) from the eye so that the Truth can be seen. 

Man can be indefinitely more happy if only the agony and toil experienced for keeping himself and his family in comfort and to accumulate the symbols of wealth and power are directed towards God. The modest and truthful person receive blessings from the spontaneous grace of the Lord provided he is steady in his virtues and with no hypocrisy in his make up. A small lump of steel can become a beautiful efficient article through the application of  intelligence and skill. Similarly, man can be transmuted into a sage (person of realisation) through the instruments of viveka and vairagya.  

When the lamp is kept burning, darkness dare not spread its fumes around you. Similarly, when the name of the Lord is kept always radiant on your tongue and mind, it will keep the antics of the mind under control. The final rememberance of the Lord's name at the time of departure must be the flower blossoming on the creeper of life that has twined itself on God all through the years of one's life. This is referrred as Rajavidhya(royal road to spiritual success) or Rajaguhyam i.e., the royal mystery, the teaching that is to be imparted after long preparatory exercises from master to disciple in a serious and sincere atmosphere.  

Namasmarana or rolling the sweet name of the Lord saturated with sugar of his splendour on the tongue and in the mind is the best course to develop the taste for liberation. This is an exercise that can be practised at all times and in all places and by everyone irrespective of creed or caste or sex or age or economic or social status. This sadhana will keep you in constant touch with the infinite and it will transmit wisdom and power of the Infinite. 

Sarvada Sarva kalesh Sarvathra Hari Chinthanam - This is the Royal Path to God.  

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai