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There was a guru with a large number of disciples in his ashram. One day, the teacher told the disciples that they must take care to see that their meditation or puja is not disturbed no matter what obstacles come on their way. One disciple decided to offer special prayers to the guru by repeating the 108 names of the Lord. The guru while going told this disciple to be careful and asked him to keep the front door closed. The day was very hot and the guru neither had slippers for his feet nor did he have sufficient hair on his head to protect him from the sun. When the guru returned to the ashram and knocked at the door. The disciple replied that he was engaged in puja and that the guru must wait till the puja was over, as the puja was not to be interrupted. Today, the worship and sadhana of the people are like this. They only worship the photograph of the person and continue to do so even when the latter is knocking at the very door of the worshipper because of his ignorance in knowing his existence.


"Mamaivaamso Jeevaloke Jeevabhuthas- Sanaathanab" i.e., Every living being is a fragment of my eternal Self. The Divine has clearly declared: “Oh man! You are not a mere creature of  the five elements. You are a spark of Myself. You are divinity itself". The Divine therefore calls upon every human being to conduct himself in a godly way because he is a spark of the Divine.


The Vedantha proclaims that the 'knower of Brahman becomes Brahman himself'. One has to try to understand what is humanness and ponder over the idea of divinity. This was illustrated by Rathnakara experienced and acquited the effulgence of  Rama who transformed himself from a highway decoit to Sage Valmeeki by reciting the name of Rama and by meditating on the form of Rama on the advise of the sage. Also, Child Prahlada experienced the effulgence of Narayana in his rice by constantly chanting the name of Narayana. So, the inner feeling is the root of each and every path of sadhana.


One can learn from the Gopikas of Brindhavan to experience the divine in every being and in every object. Gopikas told Uddhava who came to convey the message of Krishna that their hearts were already filled with love for krishna and there is no room in them for any message. Krishna had captured the hearts of the Gopikas and so, their minds, their eyes and everything else were concentrated on Krishna. They appealed to every plant and flower to disclose the whereabouts of Krishna when they missed Krishna for a moment.


The divine is like oil in the seed, like ghee present in milk, like fragrance in a flower, like the sweet juice in a fruit, like fire latent in the fire-wood. This divinity is beyond description in any way but is immanent as a witness in the entire cosmos of living and inanimate objects. The Lord of the Universe remains unseen like the thread that holds the gems in a necklace. He is the Cosmic Consciousness, the Supreme Spirit Athman that pervades the entire universe. The prime duty of man is recognise this divinity and to convey this experience to others in the society.


Imagining that food and sleep and sensual pleasures are the only important things in life, man is forgetting his inherent divinity. Those who do not think of God are living like animals who think like animals and lead an animal existence. So, It is the bounden duty of every human being to recognise his divine origin and act accordingly. Hence, every man should realise the truth that he is a spark of the divine and should seek to experience God as the indweller in the heart.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai


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