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There was an elderly lady came to a marriage festival in a certain town whom the bride people revered because they believed her to be the kins-woman of the groom and the groom's people honoured her because they took her to belong to the bride's party. She managed to enjoy the hospitality of both parties for weeks until someone started an enquiry into her bonafides with a sense of curiosity. Each party disowned her and the lady disappeared as soon as the enquiry started. Similarly, the mind too will disappear as soon as the enquiry starts because it is like cloth composed of the warp and woof of yarn. Each yarn is a desire, a wish and an attachment. Remove them and the cloth vanishes. Delusion is the cotton, desire is the yarn and mind is the cloth. The sadhaka can pull out the warp and woof through vairaagya (detachment). One can move in this world unharmed with Viveka(wisdom) and Vairaagya (detachment) as his security personnel.


A seeker desires to see and be ever with Almighty and to reach the presence of him because he has the urge within the depth of the heart to reach the place from which he has come and toattain the joy he has lost and the glory which he has missed. Attempts to reach the Almighty  have to be made quick and fast as the death lies in wait to snatch him away. Birds soaring in the sky can see carion on the ground but they do not see the net laid to catch them. Similarly, man is able to see far into the future by means of his intelligence but he is blind when it  comes to the finale of death which awaits for him.


One must learn Bhakthi to realise that the world is Leela of God and that you are only a puppet in his hand. The Gopees in Vrindavana were so saturated with the attitude of surrender that  they lost all body-consciousness and had only one form before their eye, one thought in their mind and one song in their hearts i.e., of Krishna. Bhakthi should not be a superficial pose,  an escapist strategem or a temporary aberration. It should be the very breath of your life and the very reason of your existence.


All the seekers say that Hari naama (the Name of the Lord) is described as sweeter than all  the sweet things put together. Hari Naama will illumine every minute of your life. It is like  a lamp held in the hand which will illumine every foot of the journey because it will come  with you however far you will go. One has to tread the foot-steps of the great saints and seekers like Jayadeva, Gouranga, Meera and RamaKrishna to reach the presence of the source of bliss i.e., God. The path of dedicated activity, Surrender to the highest and incomparable love towards the embodiment of Prema is the sweetest path which gives joy at every step that is won.


Do not care for the cynicism of the worldly minded; they may try to drag you into the by-lanes, away from the royal road of viveka-vairaagya. Do not be like the bees which get only smoke  for all the days of toil to store the precious honey in the combs. They are smoked out and the comb will be removed for the honey. Give the world only secondary importance and the primary place should be reserved for loosening its coils.


The Mother of the Universe (Jagadjanani) will hurry towards you and caress you only when you cast off the dolls and cry i.e., sincere yearning from the very depths of the heart. The Sesha-sayee(who reclines on the Supernal Psychic Serpent) can shower his grace when there is no seham(balance) of attachment in the mind.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai