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Once a guru taught his disciples, "Guru Brahma, Sishya Brahma, Sarvam Brahma" implying that everything in the universe was Brahma. After this particular event, one of the disciple stopped getting for his seat to greet his Guru on his arrival. The Guru questioned him on this strange behaviour and the disciple replied that the previous day, the Guru had said that everything was Brahma and therefore there was to difference between them. Then the teacher felt that what he said came back to him as a boomerang and he wanted to teach the student a good lesson.  He went to the board and wrote ”Guru Brahma”, “Sishya Brahma” and “Sarvam Brahma”  as two different words. When you look at these three, though Brahma is occurring as the same in all the three, the Guru, Sishya and Sarvam are different. Thus, Until you are able to experience this oneness of all in practice, the student will remain a student and a teacher will remain a teacher and there is no escape from the need for the student having to respect the teacher.  The student understood that, "The basis is one but the containers are different".


Man can be differentiated from birds and beasts only when he realises the fundamental 'I' which is the Atma Tattwa. Man is not just a creature with hands and feet, eyes and ears, head and trunk; he is much more than a total of all these organs and parts. These organs have to be ground, scraped, polished, perfected, smoothed and softened through the intellect, higher impulses, pure intentions and ideals. The impulses will be rendered pure and the intensions will be raised to the higher level if man decides to dedicate all his deeds, words and thoughts to the Lord. Then, Man becomes the ideal candidate for divinity which is his real destiny.


Once the Truth of  the Indwelling spirit is recognised, the awareness that the 'World is one family' dawns. After this, One is filled with divine love which becomes the driving force for all of his actions. Then, Man turns away from the pursuit of endless desires to the search of peace and equanimity. Therefore, One has to understand that by converting the love for material things into love of God, one experiences the divine. So, Desires are to be controlled by developing the spiritual approach and by diverting the mind from material objects to the divine seated in each one's heart. When a corpse is placed on a pyre and lit, both the corpse and the pyre are reduced to ashes. Similarly,  the mind too disappears when the senses are negated. So, Control the senses but do not yield to satisfy the insistent demands of senses. When the mind disappears, delusion dies and liberation is achieved.


Spirit can be awakend and realised only through individual discipline and by the Grace of God. Faith in God is the best reinforcement for spiritual victory. When you revel in the contemplation of the splendour of the Lord, all material will seem inferior and only company of the godly and the humble alone will be relished. Therefore, Cultivate faith and surrender so that Lord's Grace will flow through you into every act of yours as every act of yours becomes his acts. All acts, words and thoughts will thereafter be pure, saturated with love and conductive to peace. Cleanse your hearts so that the Lord may reflected therein in all his splendour in all his myriad forms. So, The faith is essential in "One Supreme intelligence" which conceives, conserves and consumes this entire universe.


One will acquire an equal-mindedness towards all beings only when he turns his vision inward and  realises his essential divnity. Out of that feeling of oneness, he will experience the bliss i.e., divinity.  So, Always remember the principles, Eswara Sarva Bhutanam (God is the indweller of all beings) and Isavasyam Idam Sarvam (the entire universe is permeated by God). Do not develop attachment to the world, Instead, Cultivate spiritual attachment and live in harmony with your fellow human beings. Then you will experience unity between man and man. A real devotee is one who realises this unity. Therefore, Unity leads to purity which in turn provides the experience of divinity.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai