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Krishna-thrishna (The Thirst after God)


Chandogya Upanishad says, “Mind separates you from God. The wall that stands between you and God is mind. Pull the wall down through devotion and you will come face to face with God.”


Lord Krishna draws the mind towards him pulling away from sensory desires which are inferior and invaluable. He satisfies the deepest thirst of man i.e., peace, joy and wisdom. When Krishna-thrishna (the thirst after God) is quenched, the highest Aanandha is attained. The urge to drink inferior drinks(sensory desires) disappears when once the sweetness of Krishna naama and Krishna bhaava (name and thought of Krishna) are tasted. Sense objects are like sea water that can never allay thirst. The thirst for krishna is most healthiest conductive to peace. Devotion to Krishna is the chain by which the monkey mind can be fastened and subdued. You are saved once you transmute all the desires into the thirst for Krishna.


Brahman was in existence well before mind and intellegence came into existence. Therefore, Brahman cannot be understood by one's mind and intelligence. A doctor's prescription can be judged only by equally qualified doctor but not by a patient suffering from the same or a different illness. Similarly, a person afflicted with lust or envy or greed or attachment or egoism cannot pronounce judgement on the ethereal, formless, nameless principle that concretised as Krishna.


Krishna is said to have been born in Gokula, grew up in Brindavan, proceeded to Madhura and finally he established his home at Dwaraka. The significance of this to the sadhaka, "Let Krishna be born in the Gokula of your Mind; let Him grow and play prankishly in the Brindhaavan of your Heart; let Him then be fixed in the Chiththa of Mathura and, finally, let him rule over the agitationless Consciousness as the Lord and Master of Dhwaaraka." The Nirvikalpa aanandham is the final result of his Kingdom established at Dwaraka in the centre of the waves. The Thirst for Krishna can be cultivated by reading of scriptures, the cultivation of congenial company, lessons from a kind and considerate guru and regular practice of japam.


Krishna will get born in the mind of man only when three requisites are attended to -

      - Make the mind (manas) as Bhakthimaya (saturated with Bhakthi);

      - Make the intellect (buddhi) with full of Jnanadeepthi (illumination of glory)

      - Make the body as an instrument for Sathdharmaacharana (practice of dharma and moral virtues)


Grace of Krishna is power that can be won only by the deserved. Mere repetion of 'Krishna' name will be of no use unless the contemplation of the Glory of krishna starts purifying the character at the same time. Manava(human) becomes madhava (divine), Mruthyu(death) is changed into Amritha(immortality) through grace of Krishna. This mrinmaya(mud-filled body) becomes chinmaya(saturated with divine consciousness) through thanmaya(saturate with divinity). This is the consummation of Krishna-thrishna i.e., the thirst after God.  



Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai