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Once a King, the minister and the servant were going in a boat over a stormy lake. The servant was thrown into panic at the sight of water all round. The minister caught hold of the fellow and dipped him into the water number of times inspite of his shrieks and then he was hoisted back on to the boat. Once in the boat, he knew he was safe from the waters of which he was afraid. So too, we are in God, yet we are afraid of the waters of Samsara (worldly life). We realise the security and safety of faith in God only when we suffer the ordeals of worldly life. 

The Lord likes to be called Aartha-thraana-paraayana (for protection of the distressed and oppressed) more than any other name because he is most happy when he rescues those in agony. He wanted to rescue Sugreeva who had lost his kingdom and queen and so he was ready to undergone test by the apprehensive applicant (Sugreeva). When vibheeshana went over to Rama, Rama knew that he had a pure heart and he could not survive in the poisonous atmosphere of Lanka. So he accepted and saved him. Develop bhakthi (devotion) and you are free as the Lord takes on your burden. 

The relationship with the lord is described as developing from Saalokya (in the vicinity) to Saameepya (nearness), from Saameepya to Saaruupya (Form of the master) and then on to Saayujya (absorption into the Form).  

In Salokya, you fee that you are in the kingdom ruled by the Lord as monarch or as a servant in the palace where he dwells. You are under His pari-paalana (fostering care) and you are aware that it is He who sustains you. In Sameepya, you feel that you are a personal attendant on the Lord in his entourage, privileged to be near him and to be called upon by him when occasion arises for some personal service. You have neared the principle of God intellectually and you feel his presence ever emotionally. In Saarupya, the devotee is so near that he has the same rupa(form), splendour and glory that bespeaks the full blossoming of the divine that is latent in him. Lastly, in Saayujya, you feel that you are the son and you can say that "I and My Father are one." i.e., becoming one. These are the stages of the soul's journey to Realisation of the oversoul. 

Butter is available in every drop of the milk though neither one could not see with his eyes nor take it out with his finger. The milk had to be curdled, churned and collected to get the butter. So too, God is immanent in the universe in the most distant star as well as in the blade of glass under our feet. One can see him if he can curdle this universe with viveka (discrimination), churn it wth vairagya(detachment) and collect it with shraddha(earnestness). God can be found in the grain of sand as well as in the gradest galaxy by diligent sadhana. He is the core of every being like the butter is in every drop of the milk. The tongue may utter the Name of the Lord, the ear may be open when the glory of the Lord is recited, the hand may scatter flowers on the image of God; but the tongue may not know or relish the taste, the ear may not yearn, the hand may not hanker. These can happen only when the heart is aware of the Supreme and when the mind is thrilled when the glory of God is recollected. 

The most valuable message the scriptures convey is :

Carry on your legitimate duties;

Discharge your obligations;

Live up to your rights;  but do not allow attachment to grow.  

Be like a trustee so far as family, riches, reputation, knowledge and skills are concerned. Leave them gladly aside when the call of death comes. 

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai