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There was a king who was drunk with power and felt that he deserved to go to heaven. He sought for the teacher who could put him into heaven. But, he plied all of them with impossible questions whoever came forward to advise him and threw them into prison. Atlast, one man came promising to show him the way. He was brought into court and seated before the king. The man started conversing and inquiring after the health with the courtiers and  attendants without paying any attention to the king. The king was incensed at this neglect  of his high authority and he asked the soldiers to lead him out and give him a thorough beating. The man said, "Before I am led out, let me tell you this. I am to be given a thorough beating  because I neglected you and talked to your servants. Well, God is the king of king and the Lord of all worlds. You have neglected him and you talk only to these servants. Consider what punishment you deserve for this. The king realised his blunder and thanked the teacher for removing the veil of conceit.


Wise men do not diagnose themselves and select tonics and drugs for the illness by believing in the labels and advertisements. They take advice of a doctor who has known the peculiar problems of the body and accept his diagnosis and his prescription with full faith. Such a doctor is called the Guru who will help in the process of 'removing the veil(ignorance)'.  Socrates said that God can be seen only by wearing a three-fold lens over the eye :  bhakthi or prema or adoration; viveka or discrimination; vairagya or renunciation. Prahlada wore these lenses and he saw the Lord everywhere i.e., in pillar and plant whereas his father could not see the Lord becuase he bandaged his own eye with cynical doubt. The ego  is the root of all the factions that rob the peace.


Man desires to reach the presence of the Almighty, see him and be ever with him because he has the natural urge to reach the place from which he has come, to attain the joy he has lost, to enjoy the glory which he has missed. The mind fancies that it can get joy from the objects  around about which the senses give it information. The mind is like cloth composed of the warp and woof of yarn (a desire, a wish and an attachment). The cloth will vanish as soon as  you remove each yarn. Similarly, the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) must have viveka and vairagya as security personnel and remove all the yarn so that he move through the world unharmed. The mind can be mastered by jnana (supreme knowledge) that all is brahmam or all is his play.  Seek the help of Lord to overcome the tricks played by egoism to rob the 'gem of jnana' that you have treasured in your anthahkarana (inner consciousness).


It is a great attainment for anyone if he can get-rid of envy, pride, greed and malice. One cannot comprehend God neither with eyes made of earthly material nor with intelligence shaped out of incompetent senses. The jnana-nethram(the eye of pure wisdom) alone can see the Lord in all its glory which is won by shravana, manana and nididhyaasana (listening,  reflecting and meditating). So, Listen with faith; reflect with discrimination; meditate  with one-pointed devotion. Then doubts will disappear and truth will be revealed.


The primary place should be reserved for loosening the coils of the world. The Jagadjanani  (Mother of the Universe) will hurry and caress you only when you cast off the dolls and yearn from the very depths of the heart. You can get the grace of Sesha-saayee (who reclines on the Supernal Psychic Serpent) only when you leave no sesham(balance) of attachment in the mind.




Omsai Srisai JaiJaisai