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It is the inevitable destiny of everything ultimately to go back to the source from which it came. The body, arising from matter, goes back to matter. The Atma (Spirit) issuing the Divine, goes back to the Divine. The Spirit is pure Consciousness. It ever remains as Consciousness. It is embodiment of Love and Light. One must seek to experience Ekatvam i.e., Advaita(Unity in diversity).  Advaita is expressed in three forms: 

Bhava-Advaita - Oneness in mental attitude. The unity of the basic substance constituting the cosmos is perceived as the underlying Reality;

Kriya-Advaita - Oneness expressed in action. Every action is regarded as an offering to the divine and is thereby divinised;

Padaartha-Advaita - Oneness seen in all objects. Implies recognising that every being or every object in the universe is composed of the same five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth which are divine in their origin;

Everyone should realise that the divine is equally present in all. Divinity (God) can be understood only when oneness is experienced in all these forms. Worldly love is momentary but God is the embodiment of love and his love is unbounded, unchanging and  eternal. His infinite love is offered to all in equal measure. The Lord's love remains the same always. Bliss is the true nature of man which can be realised only when the love of God is experienced. One has to totally eradicate the sense of "my-ness", strive for the welfare of all and banish all thoughts of hatred and envy to experience the love of God.

One has to plough the land, feed it with water, sow the seed, pluck out the weeds, guard the crop by a fence from cattle and wait patiently for harvest time. So also, the heart has to be ploughed by means of virtues, fed with the water of divine love, seeds of divine name are sown, weeds of evil thoughts are to be destroyed, guard against the cattle of unsteadiness and doubt by putting the fence of discipline. Finally, the name of the Lord will flower into Meditation and rich harvest of knowledge can be reaped.

The Sai name is proclaimed by trees when they wave their heads. The birds in their chirping call upon men to remember Sai's name. The flowers in spreading their fragrance declare the glory of Sai. The bees when they hum announce the bliss in Sai's name. "Sai!" is the sound that reverberates from the sky and earth. Sai can be experienced everywhere. "Sai" is not one's name. "Sai" is the Indweller reclining in the heart of everyone.

Our ancients glorified the Divinity that is equally present in all human beings and propagated this truth to the world. They summed up their message in one line: "Paropakaarah punyaaya; paapaaya parapeedanam (Helping others is meritorious; harming others is sinful)". "Help ever; Hurt never". Use your life to spread joy not grief. Let no one suffer the slightest pain as a result of your thought, word or deed. Let this be your saadhana.

Realise that you are doing harm to God when you harm anyone by actions, words and thoughts. The cool rays of shaanthi (peace), sathya (truth), ahimsa (non-violence) and prema (love) do not emanate when hot flames of kaama (intense desire) and krodha (anger) are rising from the heart. Your love to others will raise you to the highest level of spirituality. Extend your love by realising that the Atma in everyone is the same. Developing this kind of universal love will be the basis for Unity.

The best way to love God is to LOVE ALL AND SERVE ALL


Omsai Srisai JaiJaisai