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Someone came to Ramanamaharshi and asked him thus "Swaami! I have been doing intense dhyaana for the last 18 years; but I have failed to realise the Ideal on which my dhyana is concentrated. How many more years should I continue thus?" Ramana answered, "It is not a question of a certain number of years. You have to continue dhyana until the awareness that you are doing dhyana disappears. "Forget the ego; let it melt and merge with all its layers of consciousness."  Immerse yourselves in dhyanam until you transcend all physical and mental urges and impulses. Valmeeki was covered by the ant-hill that grew over him; people discovered him by the sound of Raama naama that emanated from that mound. Ignore the deha (body) so that you may discover the dehi (indweller). Do not get engrossed in outer finery but dwell and discover the inner splendour.


Sadhana of  'Ignoring the body' implies turning aside from the temptations of the senses i.e., overcoming of the six enemies : desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride and malice (kaama krodha, lobha; moha, madha and maatsarya). These six enemies turns a man into a drunken brute. You will be fresh, happy and healthy when you are in aathma thathwa (essential nature of the Self). But, You start declining when you separate and feel that you are in deha thathwa (principle of body).


The pure water that falls as rain from the sky is changed into a hundred tastes and colours by the soil on which it falls. Similarly, Man is shaped by the company he keeps. One has to be ever vigilant of the air he breathe as it is fouled by the foul thoughts of the men among whom you move. But, even the slimy slush of the gutter has some hope of turning into pure water again when the sun shines. It can rise as vapour into the clouds and regain its pristine nature. One has to use prayer as water and repentance as soap to cleanse the mind. But, repentance must be followed by resolute determination not to repeat the wrong. You must pray for help in sadhana through grace.


One should cultivate an attitude of inseparable attachment to the Lord, who is your very self. If he is a flower, you should feel yourself a bee that sucks its honey; if he is a tree, be a creeper that clings to it; if he is a cliff, then feel that you are a cascade running over it; if  He is the sky, be a tiny star that twinkles in it. Above all, be conscious of the truth that you and He are bound by Supreme Love. One should feel this with subtle intelligence but not with the gross intelligence. The gross is too much weighed down by the body; the subtle transcends the body and lightens the burden. The sthula buddhi (gross intelligence) keeps you walking but, the subtle intelligence flies you to the destination. You journey will be quick and the goal can be won when you use your subtle intelligence.


Dedication to the Lord that sanctifies all activities. Know that 'He' is the prompter, the executor, the giver of the required strength and skill, the enjoyer of the fruit thereof and he is the reason for all activity. Your duty is to believe that He is the impeller of your activities and draw strength from that belief. The bandage must protect the place Until the wound heals and the new skin hardens. Similarly, the balm of faith, holy company and holy thoughts must be applied to the ego-affected mind until the reality is realised. As a first step towards the acquisition of this viveka (wisdom) and vairaagya (detachment), enter from now on into a discipline of Naamasmarana---the incessant remembrance  of God through the Name of the Lord. All the hours spent in gossip, in watching sports or films, in hollow conversation can best be used for silent contemplation of the Name and Form and splendour of the Lord.


A mere five-minute inquiry will convince you that you are not the body, senses, the mind or intelligence, the name or the form but you are the Athma itself which appears as all this variety. Dwell over on your Athmic reality which is pure, indestructible, unaffected by the ups and downs of life, true, eternal and unchanging brahmam. Once you get a glimpse of this truth, hold on to it and make it your permanent possession. Be silent yourself; that will induce silence in others.



Omsai Srisai JaiJaisai