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Understand the Purpose of Life



There were thousands of ants living on a hill of salt. A new ant came to them and said that there is a mountain of sugar nearby. Some ants went to have their fill from it. Many of them walked on and on but they could find nothing except salt because they had salt particles in their mouths which they were reluctant to leave aside. Similarly, an ordinary person of the world cannot find bliss (sugar) even if they are informed that the mountain of Bliss lies with them. This is because they are reluctant to leave aside the attachments and selfish ends to which they are fast bound. Blessed is he who merges himself into Bliss and thereby becoming Bliss itself. This is the result of the supreme renunciation of all desires and attachments.


The Atma can shine only when you detach yourself from the senses. The mind must be withdrawn from its present comrades (senses) and be loyal to this royal master (Intellect). Keep a lamp in a room with all its five windows open, the wind will blow it out. All the windows have to be closed to keep the flame burning straight. Similarly, the senses (windows) are to be controlled for mind-concentration (Flame) on the purpose of God-realisation.


Be moderate in everything and keep the senses strictly under control. The cravings of hunger and sex drag you into perdition. A spiritual aspirant must be very careful about Jiva (tongue) and the guhya (organ of generation). Get convinced that life is as unreal as a dream. Do not get attached to it beyond reasonable limits. The outward-bound senses are like the frongs that hop about on the petals of the lotus being unaware of the nectar in that flower. Only the honeybee (Intellect) can reveal that sweetness.


The Moon is unaffected even though its reflection in the lake is broken into bits. It is only due to weakness of the medium. Similarly, your reality is unaffected due to any disturbances but only your reflection (body) withers, elated or disheartened due to the weakness of the medium (Mind). The mind assumes the form of the objects with which it is attached. It becomes small when it gets fixed on small things; it becomes grand when fixed on grand things. So, discriminate before you develop attachment. You will come to grief if you have attachment towards wife and children, land and buildings, bank accounts and balances. You will grow in love and splendor if you develop attachment towards the Universal. So, Always dwell always on high thoughts and develop attachment on Universal. The action of Raama dhyaana will remould your mind.


A ladder has to be as tall as the height you want to reach; Similarly, your sadhana has to be as long as the time taken to reach the goal. When the walls are completed, the scaffolding is removed; Similarly, when the Vision of the Reality is attained, japa, vratha, puja, archana, sravana, keerthana---forms of spiritual discipline can be dispensed with. Always, keep Watching for every chance to dwell on noble thoughts, to do elevating tasks. Always do karma that will win Grace of the Lord. Your progress is reflected back as Grace.


Always have the meaning and purpose of life in view. Understand that -

            - You and the Universal are One;

            - You and the Absolute are One;

- You and the Eternal are One.


You are not the Individual, the Particular, the Temporary. Feel this, know this. Act in conformity with this.



Omsai Srisai JaiJaisai