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Unflinching discipline is essential

Once a mother engaged a tutor for her mischievous pet boy. She could not tolerate the tutor's scolding and beatings to her dear boy. The mother wished to have her son's manners corrected and cultured but could not suffer the sight of the son being put to trouble with arduous task and punishments. All her efforts were directed in keeping the boy attractive. As days passed by and years rolled on, tutor after tutor came and went but the brain of the boy remained as it was when it came into this world. Nevertheless, the boy grew into a handsome youth and then into a man. He could pull-on in this world as he had neither intelligence nor money, neither capacity to work nor good manners to pull-on with the remaining members of the family or of the society. People scoffed at him and condemned him. He was lost to ‘himself’ and to the world.


Similarly, Your aspiration is like mother and your body and external habits are like the mischievous son. You go from teacher to teacher because you cannot undergo the ordeal of patiently obeying any teacher. Your Abhimana to the body is so great that you cannot forget it for a few minutes and sit in Sadhana. During this wandering, you will not be able to assimilate anything. So you will be to lost yourself and also to the world. Remember, A rolling stone gathers no mass. O Man, practise Sadhana while you are young. Leave out this Abhimana for body. The hardship that you undertake is nothing when compared to the bliss that you shall reap as the harvest.


The attachment towards the Universal must be sincere and steady. Bhakthi is neither a matter of beads and beards nor worship that consist of flowers and camphor. Do not address the people immersed in these as "bhakthas" (devotees). Bhakthi cannot sprout or bloom with crooked vision, character, thoughts and feelings. Plant the seeds, water the field, remove the weeds; keep away stray cattle, manure the plants; dust them with pesticides, and then, you can collect the crop. Saadhana (spiritual discipline) means and includes all these steps. You are judged by your spiritual discipline but not by the number of temples you have gone. Have the name of the Lord in your thoughts so that you can brave any calamity.


A fakir (holy man) is one who has no fikar (worry). Always have an eye on the number and volume of your desires. Discriminate and discard superfluous attachments and acquisitions. Do not welcome the worries and fear with a load of wishes in your heart. Carry only one load i.e., the desire to win the Grace of God. He will confer what is best for you. Once you love God, you will realise that Nature is only his garment.


Perform action but do not hanker after the fruit. The best means of liberating yourself from the consequences is to ignore the fruit and do perform action for the sake of action only. If  you crave for the profit, you will have to be prepared to accept the loss also. You are free once you give up the desire for remuneration. This is the secret of "renunciation of the fruit of action" (karmaphala-thyaaga).


Yoga is explained as union which is possible after Chiththavriththi nirodha i.e., the curbing of mental agitations. You can know your 'self' only by intense spiritual discipline that is not marred by anger, envy and greed that sprout from the Ego. The Ego will fall away itself when one grows in Wisdom. So, Develop Wisdom and know the ephemeral nature of all objective things so that the tail (Ego) will no longer be evident. This must be your deeksha (steady pursuit). The deeksha must express itself in practice as Nishtha (discipline of an unflinching kind) and Sikshana (Training of the senses and emotions) which are essential for crossing safely the flood of "birth-death-continuum".


Water or fire as such cannot move a train; they must both co-operate to produce a third thing, steam. Similarly, Bhakthi or jnaana or karma must all lead to the achievement of equanimity; otherwise, they are simply pseudo.


Clouds that flit across the sky cannot indure the blue depths of space. Similarly, Sorrows and disasters cannot injure one who have determination and faith.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai