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Posted by V Natarajan on 06-05-2004


Dear Nataraj,


Sairam, I had the opportunity to go to Whitefield for Swamiji's darshan on Mother Eswaramma day today. It has been raining for last couple of days and the weather has been very pleasant.


On reaching there, I found that ladies were entering the ashram from the rear side and men were being allowed from the front enterance. that was good crowd management. WHen I entered the Sai Ramesh Hall, ladies were missing and the men were seated facing the Hostel. That was surprising. I reconciled thinking that since it is Mother's day ladies are going to have special darshans in the lawns of Trayee. i did find some children (in white) going towards trayee as well. it was not until 8:00 am that even men were allowed inside trayee.


Then I felt good considering self imposed limitation of Swami's physical movements, it was not a bad idea at all. In the lawns of Trayee Swami will have hardly to walk.


It was nearing 8:30 and I was getting impatient when someone nearby told me that Swami had not given darshans yesterday. Later I could gather from Swami's talk that he was hurt in His hand yesterday.


It was an unusual sight to watch Swami today. For first time in my life I saw Swami covered in a shawl with His left hand being more active than the right. I could also see some support that He had for His hips.


The day He had declared long time ago finally arrived. People had gathered on the lawns. Swami was brought out on a chair with wheels by one of the brothers in the newly constructed balcony of Trayee and that was the darshan. This must have lasted for couple of minutes, but bhajans had already begun.


After five minutes, Swami was brought out from Trayee on the same chair. As the bhajans progressed, it was apparently with great struggle and support that Swami got down the 3 steps of Trayee and immediately placed on the same chair.


To persons spoke after the veda chanting which was restricted to "gana naam tva". First speaker spoke of how mother is the reflection of God whom the God created to send His child to earth from heaven. The second speaker talked at length about Eswaramma and Her love for Swami and the three promises that Swami kept. He also spoke of Swami's Divine motherly love shown to the Punjabi mother-in-law who came to Swami with her 4 DILs who did not have any children  and narrating some incidence in their life (one of which is the prasad distribution, which ended in Swami telling "Your brothers may forget you, but  your mother will not)


Swami then began His talk. it began with the struggle but later was as fluent as any other discourse. His talk was predominantly on the three promises to Mother Eswaramma and comparison with that of Vidya Sagar. He later lavishly praised Dr. Padmanabhan, the boys who have the previledge to serve Him including a Sikh boy and a boy from Delhi. When the praises were being showered Dr. Padmanabhan got up to acknowledge it, and so did the boys around Him. These were the boys who were instrumental in making Swami's presence in today's function. In the end, He blessed His boys to lead an ideal life and follow his teachings. Swami did not sing any bhajan in conclusion, but devotees sang. After 3 Bhajans, Swami walked up the 3 steps again with same agony and was supported by the brothers. Aarti was sung as Swami retired and prasadams was distributed in queue as people began coming out of Trayee.


All in all Swami's face was as charming as ever and His words of appreciation for the dress that He was wearing that was specially stitched by the boys last night was indeed touching and will linger in the memory for long time.




G.S. Krishnan, PMP